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Hillsboro, OR:   (503) 727-8999
Milwaukie, OR:   (503) 387-5344
Portland, OR:   (503) 292-2882
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Featured Services Overview

On Demand

In a perfect world everything is planned out and a company has full coverage and knows exactly what the day will bring. Unfortunately life happens. Employees call out sick, extra freight arrives, additional projects arise, deadlines move up, etc. On demand allows companies to continue with their day by placing a simple phone call for the desired extra hands needed immediately.

Short Term Assignments

Companies may have projects that last from two days to a few weeks and may require special skills and training. Placing an employee that can commit to the job duration is ideal for companies. There is no need to hire on a permanent employee, but there is a need for help during the duration of the project. Short Term Assignments are very common.

Long Term Assignments

Companies have fluctuations in business and these may last longer than a month but are not permanent. These assignments may also require certain skills and training. Placing an employee that can stay for the duration of the job is highly beneficial to the company.

Working Interviews

This is an amazing way to test out a future employee before a company goes through the entire hiring process. This allows companies to see behavior, work ethic, reliability issues, and any personality conflicts before offering a full time position. It may be an employee the company wants to test out through us or a placement from General Labor & Industrial Staffing Services.

Direct Hire

This is where we do all the screening and interviewing. We find a hand full of qualified candidates and allow our customer to make the final decision to hire them on for a flat rate with no time running through our services.

Services Offered

  • On demand
  • 24/7-Quick responses
  • Long term placements
  • Short term placements
  • Working interviews
  • Direct hires
  • No contracts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Qualified work force
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug testing
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