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David - Incarcerated to Employed

By Gliss  -  November 3rd, 2021

Today we are highlighting David, an incredible member of the team here and a great example of dedication and determination. He wrote his story in to us and we feel that this one is best shared from his voice! 
David - Incarcerated to Employed
“GLISS is one of the first employers I met with when I got out of prison for 67 months of a 96 month set. I was going to be attending college soon, and I needed a temporary income until the next term began. Little did I know that GLISS was going to become so much more in my life than a brief assignment.
During my sentence, touch screen devices had come out - iPods, and other devices one could never imagine while being incarcerated. Getting out of prison and starting life again in a society you don't understand any longer, was a job in itself and not an easy one either. Fast forward, after schooling, I was DJing at a club and was not making ends-meet. I needed stability -  General Labor and Industrial Staffing Solutions got me hours I needed every single time. 
I have since become a fork-lift certified operator and been able to utilize my education in construction as a carpenter on new construction and remodels. I have gotten many opportunities to drive fork-lift in shipping and receiving and loading trucks/trailers. I have even been a line operator in charge of 3-4 other personnel on my crew. 
Communication, work-ethics, life-style, and the way I view each assignment have been changed since I started work with GLISS. It has taken me this time to work alongside of GLISS for each change to develop and become permanent. It doesn't happen over night but if you are willing to work and put your time in, they will bend the world for you. 
I have made mistakes in my past, and those are mistakes that some would not forgive. I am here and successful today, because of the forgiveness and support I received from GLISS of Salem, OR. You put in the work, the rewards and opportunities are endless. One of my favorite quotes:
‘Some people go to the gym to work out, I just go to work’.”

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