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Angelika's story is one that a lot of us will understand the struggle of job searching

By Gliss  -  March 5th, 2022

AngelikaAngelika has lengthy work history, from doing lawn care to making beautiful handmade crafts (see attached photos). She is a jack-of-all-trades, and a real go-getter but had found herself upon the struggle of finding a job. It is worth it to mention that she is at the point in her life where she does not want to keep backing herself into short-lived jobs; she wants her career – the job that will carry her through the rest of her employment. 

Finding that one job that really inspires you can be a process and Angelika was no stranger to this. She has had many jobs in her past, comes with a long resume of experience and a friendly smile, but for one reason or another kept finding herself at the end of jobs. She recounts how scary it can feel when your savings run out, unemployment benefits just are not cutting it and you end up potentially not being able to pay your bills.

Her last positon was sending her home earlier and earlier every week, cutting her hours and then ended up letting her go with no notice/no reason why. This created a troubling feeling in Angelika, and as you can imagine some anxieties about whether or not she would find her forever job. 

Through that anxiety and fear, Angelika pushed on and we have to meet her during her application process at GLISS. On that day, she was enthusiastic, motivated and eager to get to work (and she still is!). She set a clear directive on what she was looking for in a job and has given any job we have thrown her way consideration. We have had some heart-to-heart conversations with Angelika and she has not let the fear of the unknown bring her down. 

Although she has not quite found her forever job yet, she is keeping pace and holding her head up high. Her story is a testimony to never giving up and finding joy in the process without focusing only on the end goal. We asked her what advice she would give to others who are in her same positon and she said:

“I want you to know it is okay to struggle a little bit it builds the character you’ll need to make it through the next challenge. The fact that I continue in life, pursuing what I want is proof to employers that I am dedicated no matter what! 

Do not forget to give HOPE - in your struggles, lend a helping hand to others in need. This will help you see that you aren’t alone.” 

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