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Today we have Jose's story of resilience and dedication

By Gliss  -  March 7th, 2022

Jose“It was about 4 years ago; I was sentenced to some time in jail. At that point, in my life I was not really doing that great honestly. I struggled heavily with addiction and accountability. Lacking direction and support kept me in my ways for a little while, but that changed during my sentence. One day I decided ‘I don’t want to get out of here and go back to my old ways”, and I kept that promise to myself.

I served my time and reminded myself every day of the life I was going to create on the other side. Before being released, I was set up with GLISS and already had jobs pending. Things seemed to be looking up, and the potential of a new life was growing! I was working within 3 days of being out (THANK YOU LILY!), and I have been consistent ever since. What a blessing. 

The decision to leave my old life, the comfortability in the familiar, finding the right people to be around and holding myself up to high standards was tough. I urge anyone who is in my shoes, to go find the right people. Find those who hold you accountable, and tell you when you are slipping up. Having accountability, a routine and a support system is how you make it out of your old ways. 

It is not easy to do but it is worth everything. Today I have stable housing, consistent pay, I am looking to buy reliable transportation and am looking at the potential of being hired on permanently at a job who wouldn’t have given me this chance before. Life is looking up because I put the effort in and made the changes I needed to. That is how it’s done.”

Thank you so much Jose for sharing your story. We think a lot of us can benefit from your words - find the right crowd. 

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