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Scott - a testimony of struggle hurt and confusion

By Gliss  -  March 7th, 2022

Scott“I was feeling held back, but now I am 100%. I have high hopes for my life and what’s to come.” Scott told us in his interview. 

Scott has a testimony of struggle, hurt and confusion. He said to us “I feel like my story has a gray area. I was not ever hooked on hard-core drugs, or homeless, but I have struggled with addiction and addiction is progressive if you do not acknowledge it. I have demons I battle every single day. I do not want to feel alone in this, and I do not want others to either. Sometimes I will feel like life is holding me back, sometimes I slip up, I make a wrong choice and I deal with the consequences, but I don’t look back. I’m only looking forward”. 

Scott shared stories of times where he allowed life to get the better of him and would knock him down. He told us that he had to look himself in the mirror and pick himself up to make right of what went wrong. Recently he fell into a part of life where he was lacking direction and motivation. He started to fall back on his work and personal wellbeing. He ended up losing a job that he felt a lot of pride in and this was a realization point for him. He is in the process of restarting his life now, getting his feet back under himself and continuing on to create the incredible future that we all see for him. 

We hope that those of you, who might find yourself in a similar spot, find hope through Scott’s testimony. Bravery and perseverance can be created within you and your own unique story! 

Scott, we are so proud of your vulnerably and sharing a piece of your life with us. You have a VERY bright future ahead of you. Continue being a leader and creator of HOPE.

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