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David - Some Tough Times

By Gliss  -  June 3rd, 2022

DavidYou wouldn’t know it if you saw David today, but he has been through some tough situations. David found himself houseless for a few years. The inconsistency of being without a home led him to start looking for a new way of life. During these years the stumbled his way into addiction. This was a way to escape his reality and ignore the world’s problems around him. All the while he may have gotten temporary relief, the problems started to snowball and didn’t stay far away for long.

David then found himself incarcerated and forced to make a decision. Return to the life he had known for the last few years, or push himself into the uncomfortable ways of getting clean and sober?

Luckily for David, he chose the latter. After his sentencing, he was ready to make the hard choices. Through this time, the path that he had been looking for previously, became more clear. He invested himself in church, work and healthier life choices all around.

David recounts that although that may seem like a great life shift from where he was (and it was), his most noteworthy shift is his faith. He felt a tugging at his soul during this transitional period and jumped feet first into a nearby church. We are ecstatic to report that now David has a great full-time job, he got his CDL license, leading groups and is working through probation. He left us with this:

“What kept me positive though all of this was being done with the dark times, struggling, going no where and my faith was tugging on my heart every day. I leaned into those tugs and eventually pulled myself out of the turmoil.

A piece of advice I have for anyone going through my situation is shoutout to Jesus first and foremost. There’s still hope for better days! Your life may not go the way you planned it but it will always end up where you want it to, if you work for it! Shout out to GLISS. I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have with my past without you guys. I will take full advantage of everything that I’m being offered through this company, and others should too. You’re never too far off.”

Keep being patient with yourself David. You made an incredible turnaround in your life and we are so BLESSED to have you on the team. May this story inspire #HOPE in others who are struggling.

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