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Genevieve - A Story of Determination

By Gliss  -  June 3rd, 2022

Today we bring you a story of determination - Genevieve’s Story. Genevieve

Genevieve has done a wide variety of jobs in her past, from working at a retail store to doing restoration. Her skills are plentiful and her work ethic speaks for itself. She is a “doer” as we would say. There isn’t any job too big or too small for her. About 5 months ago, Genevieve went through a bout of Planar Fasciitis. For those that don’t know, this can be very painful and often prevents you from doing much physical activity. 

Genevieve took the time she needed to heal her body, and planned to return to work as usual but was met with a toxic work environment when she returned. She was felt like she was walking on eggshells. It’s never a good feeling to have to be watching your back. Genevieve realized that she wasn’t going to get where she wanted to be in life and she was forced to make a difficult decision - stay where she’s at, in the comfortability of her paycheck, or to jump out of her toxic environment and look for work elsewhere. 

She put in her notice and began the search for work again. This wasn’t an easy transition for her. The job search was tough, and her money quickly dwindled away. Her place to live was quickly slipping through her fingers and she was desperate to make a paycheck. While she was applying at places she came across GLISS, where we say “let us HELP YOU!” She wasn’t used to asking for help, she always did things on her own, but she decided to try it. 

When one door closes another opens, and she learned just how true that was. She has been here for a couple of months now and is rocking it! With a story of determination and faith that everything works out like hers, we asked her “What kept you going through that transition?” She said: 

“Knowing and reminding yourself is everything is temporary. Your attitude affects who will help you and how they will. Do not go into things thinking you are owed something just because you were dealt a bad hand of cards. Put in the hard work to deserve what you are given. I did just that!”

We are so proud of you! You are dedicated and diligent. We appreciate you!! 

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