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Paulina - What Do I Have to Lose

By Gliss  -  June 3rd, 2022

Today we are sharing the story of our employee, Paulina. 

If you look back on Paulina’s life, you could say that it looked pretty “normal” for the most part. As many lives do, it hit a total 180. She ended up in a divorce and a complete life shift. The old ways that felt comfortable were now upside down and Paulina had to figure her life out all over again. 

She began navigating life as a newly single mom. Adjusting to the new ways of life, new routines and the ever-piling list of responsibilities. This divorce also meant that Paulina was now the sole provider for her family. She had to find a career, for the first time in a long time, that would provide financially for herself and the family too. 

All of these “opportunities for a new beginning” felt overwhelming to Paulina. It would have been easy for her to slip into a “poor me” mindset, but she didn’t have time for that. Job hunting was foreign but absolutely necessary now. She recounted battling the racing thoughts of “will someone else be more capable, fit, adept than I?”, “will anyone take a chance on someone like me?”, “Will employers look beyond my past and see me for what I can bring to the table?”.

She wasn’t sure where to start, but she sought out growth and opportunities and walked into the Job Connections center at the Goodwill near by and she was connected to GLISS. She was sold on the idea that GLISS has opportunities for everyone - all skill levels! She felt a wave of confidence that she hadn’t felt in a while. “Maybe I can recreate my life in a great way?”. 

Immediately she jumped feet first into a job with us. “What do I have to lose?”. Paulina began building more than financial security - she built friendships. At the time she didn’t realize all of the positives that would come from such a life altering event like a divorce, but she held on to the hope of a better life! 

If you are going through a time like she did, here is a little glimmer of the hope she carried through her time: “Do not give up on anything. If you are nervous about finding a job - there is a job that is PERFECT for you - and you WILL find it if you try.”

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