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Adan wanted to simply provide for his family

By GLISS  -  June 29th, 2022

Adan wanted to simply provide for his family. He wanted to make them proud of the man he is.

Not having work was a struggle for Adan. He knew the need for his family was financial and being unable to provide that for them became a heavy weight for him to bare. Adan grew anxious, and honestly quite bored while he was unemployed. He applied to many jobs over this time. He would set goals to achieve, and the one goal always left over was “finding employment”.

Apply here. No luck. Follow-up call. No callback.

That was the pattern that Adan experienced. One day he passed by GLISS and decided “Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Even if I don’t get work from them, I’m still in the same spot that I was before, but I’ll know that I tried!”. We are SO glad he took a chance on us!

Adan took on work right away! Before he knew it he was receiving weekly checks and contributing to his family's needs. The purpose and HOPE that he gained were insurmountable. We are proud of his dedication and determination. There wasn’t anything going to stop Adan from proving that he can find work, for himself and his family.

We asked him if he had a piece of advice to share with everyone reading this and he replied with the short and sweet: “Don’t let your negative thoughts get to you”.

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