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Daniel, a first-time employee

By GLISS  -  June 22nd, 2022

Today we bring you the story of Daniel, a first-time employee who desperately wanted to be given a chance!

Daniel hadn’t ever worked before. He was approaching the time in life when he needed to start making some money to afford potential bills and he pounded the pavement. He applied to place after place, all over his town and neighboring towns. He kept seeing “hiring now, start tomorrow, entry-level employees wanted”, but these provided him with little hope.

Daniel did everything he could to show companies that, despite his lack of work history, he was a dedicated employee. He had references, followed up with phone calls, and outright just didn’t give up. Although these fleeting cries for help all around him were wearing him thin, Daniel continued to drop applications day after day.

One day he was grabbing gas with his mother, and they noticed a “GLISS / NOW HIRING” sign. Was this going to be yet another company who is desperately needing employees but not willing to give Daniel a chance? NOPE! He walked in the next day and completed the whole hiring process. Daniel was off to work the following day and hasn’t looked back since.

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith is all that you need to get a jump start on your journey. Daniel had been turned away so many times before coming to GLISS, but he didn’t let the inability of others to see his value, stop him. He came in full of HOPE and ready to hit the ground running. We are so grateful that Daniel took a chance on us. Keep up the great work Daniel. We are SO glad you are here!

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