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Devins Story

By Gliss  -  November 23rd, 2022

Today we bring you Devin’s story.

This story begins with a tragedy. A little while ago Devin lost his best friend, the person who knew him better than anyone else. When the news broke that his friend had passed away, Devin was sent into a spiral. He tried to find comfort anywhere he could, but nothing and no one could replace his best friend.

Devin, like most of us, had his life mapped out before this loss. He was content with life and where he was headed – or so he thought. With the passing of his friend, he was forced to look at himself and reframe his goals. Through this introspection, he realized that he wanted more out of life. He wanted to move from his mother’s home into his own spot and finally fix his car up, so he had easily accessible transportation. This was the first of many changes he made in his life.

He realized that he needed to get a steady job and find a network of people to help support him in these changes. Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Much to Devin’s surprise, starting a new job began creating new opportunities and restoring his hope. A coworker offered to help him with rides to and from work until he could save up money to fix his car and he gained a new support system among those he worked with.

Things were starting to look up for Devin. He found faith in himself, and this newfound confidence started to change his home life as well. Alcohol never was an issue for Devin but having drinks at the end of the day became one more unnecessary habit removed from his life. While everything hasn’t been smooth sailing all the time, Devin has been extremely adaptable and now he has the resilience to take on life the way his best friend would have wanted him to.

Devin is a real team player. He inspires those he is around and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. Devin says, “If you are going through a hard time right now, push past your barriers and get the support you need”. Devin, we are proud of you and very thankful to have you on the team!”

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