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The Story of Edwin

By GLISS  -  October 12th, 2022

Today we bring you the story of Edwin.

A couple of years back the world suddenly shut down. The pandemic started a long list of losses in many lives. Edwin wasn’t immune to that loss, unfortunately as he lost his place of work. He was now jobless, in a place where he didn’t know anyone.

If we can remember back to early 2020, if you were looking for work, it was an incredible struggle. Edwin knew that losing his job meant he needed to find another one and find it quickly!

Edwin applied to MANY jobs and often didn’t hear back. When we would get a callback, he struggled with a language barrier. Edwin knows the skills that he possesses and wanted to prove that he had an excellent work ethic, but he needed someone to give him a chance!

“Se habla español” as GLISS sign said, and Edwin knew he would be in good hands. He marched right into an office and was met by a friendly Spanish-speaking recruiter. He was able to talk about his passions, his skills, and his goals. He was offered a job that started the next day, in the pay range he needed, and it was FULL-TIME! Edwin started feeling a sense of relief.

Being alone, and not knowing anyone can feel terrifying. Losing your job is scary. Feeling like you’re going to miss out on an opportunity because of a language barrier can feel defeating, but Edwin held onto something very important - HOPE. He left us with this piece of encouragement:

“Don’t stop until you make it.”

We agree! You miss out on 100% of the chances you don’t take!

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