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By GLISS  -  November 30th, 2022

Fernando has been an employee with us for almost a year now. Before working for GLISS he had been in the landscaping industry for a significant amount of time. Landscaping was a profession he thought he would stay in for a while, but then the pandemic hit. Fernando clung to the work available in the beginning but contracted then COVID.

This virus hit Fernando hard – in more ways than he expected. He recalls feeling as though his life was being ripped from him. Unfortunately, Fernando’s job slowed down and they laid people off during this time as well. Not only was he working to recover from the sickness, but he was also jobless now too. 

The mental battle that Fernando fought was a whole new ball game. Feeling helpless, jobless, and trying to recover, had depression lurking around every corner of his life. With bills piling up, and cabin fever more real than ever before, Fernando knew he needed to get up and get working. He applied with GLISS and stressed his need to work right away. Much to his delight, he was assigned a job the next day! 

Fostering relationships with new coworkers was an unexpected perk in receiving a job. Fernando could feel his depression melting away with every conversation he took part in. 

Although some days feel like an uphill battle, for one reason or another, Fernando harnesses the motivation he felt during this period of life and reverts to that when he’s feeling low. Fernando’s advice if you find yourself feeling down in the dumps, think back to a time when you gave it your all, and replicate that! If you’ve done it once, you can do it again! 

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