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The Story of Jason

By GLISS  -  October 5th, 2022

Today we bring you the story of Jason.

Jason often felt like his life lacked some normalcy. Most recently the struggles stemmed from a long legal battle and pending charges. It’s been over three years for him since he’s been waiting to clear his name. He was lacking confidence, assurance, and belief in himself by this time.

“Before GLISS, no one was willing to give me an opportunity, or even give me a chance to prove me.”

Jason was trying to still live his life from day to day, and trust that the truth will always come out, but some days that just didn’t seem like enough. This time in his life was a lot of daily battles with emotions, mostly low, but Jason doesn’t give up. He channeled the anxieties into motivation and art out to find work despite his past.

Jason’s path to GLISS was as a last resort. He had applied for many jobs, with countless employers, all ending in the same result and the same answer - no. He started feeling like “all hope was lost.”

“I applied to GLISS because it was one of the only places I hadn’t applied to yet, and there wasn’t ever any judgment. GLISS helped me from the very beginning and gave me hope again.”

The changes Jason feels like he has made the most since this time has been mental and emotional. He’s experienced a sense of relief by just having someone believe in him, giving him the opportunity, and helping him regain positivity in life.

“The relief comes from having a job and a purpose again. GLISS believed and trusted in me with an opportunity and has wanted to fully help me since the beginning. They’ve shown that they care and want to help me. I am responsible for myself, and I am able to pay my own bills now!”

Jason left us with this piece of advice: “If you’re down on life, try to keep your head up and take it one step at a time. Things change daily and even if only one person believes in you, that’s all that matters.”

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