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Sharing the Story of Jasper!

By GLISS  -  October 19th, 2022

Today we are sharing the story of Jasper! 

My life was difficult before GLISS. I experienced how hard it was to be employed while experiencing financial hardships. I needed the money to maintain my living expenses and the bills were piling up. I knew I had to get my financials under wraps so I could get ahead in other areas of my life.

I recall learning a great lesson in life when I was struggling with substance abuse. I was consuming alcohol and wasn’t being very productive in life. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of failures; relationships, jobs, my mental well-being, all down the drain repeatedly. I count my blessings through these hardships though because I am one of the lucky ones who got out of that habitual pattern. I learned when I got a hold of my substance addiction that my sobriety led me to greater opportunities. 

One of those opportunities was finding consistent work. When I left my addictions behind and decided to push my life forward, I knew that finding steady work with a decent income would help pave the way. I connected with GLISS right away, and they followed suit with my urgency, getting me a job the next day! 

The turning point that led me to GLISS was when I enrolled as a student at Clark college, and I needed extra income while focusing on school assignments. I expressed this to the GLISS Staff, how I had school obligations, and they were very flexible with my school schedule. I was able to perform well in class and use my time at work through GLISS to spend that extra money on tutors and tuition as a steppingstone towards gaining my education.

The changes I have made while working with GLISS are plentiful, but the most notable would be my communication skills. The GLISS Staff is very friendly and have always listened and remained in communication with me even after I have gained employment. I admire that about them and have continued to try the same approach with others.

If anyone is reading this today and you are going through similar struggles, take this piece of advice: continue doing your best and somehow someone will notice and assist you on your way towards your goals and dreams.


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