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By GLISS  -  September 14th, 2022

Today we bring you the story of Jeremy:

Jeremy always leaned on his family. They are a guiding force and his reason “why”. They keep him accountable and on the right path. He would do anything for them. One day he learned just how much he would do.

Looking back on his life, Jeremy had a time of great struggle. He was slipping down the slope of drugs, tumbling quickly. Addiction is like that - one day you are living your life, and the next day you are being gripped by the need for the next high. The way out of addiction isn’t always easy.

Addiction grabbed a hold of Jeremy so tightly that he lost sight of his family, values, and morals. He ended up losing custody of his daughter, and his whole world shifted. His daughter is his whole world. No high could come close to bringing the relief that seeing your kids felt to him. Jeremy realized this after this day. He hoped to find the strength within himself, to pull away from addiction and get back to life and the ones he loved.

Hopeless and empty, Jeremy realized he needed help from others. He leaned into the guidance of those who had walked this path before him and humbled himself enough to accept the assistance that others offered him. It is a process but once Jeremy started his journey to sobriety, he immediately felt the light of life coming back to him.

He started to remember how important his family was to him, a thought that hadn’t crossed his mind for some time, and how whole he felt with them. They kept him motivated through this time.

We are proud to report that Jeremy is doing well today, working, and spending time with his loved ones as much as possible. After finding the right people to help him steer his life back on to his original journey, he healed.

We asked Jeremy what piece of advice is you would share with someone struggling today and he said “Simply, just don’t give up HOPE”.

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