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The Story of Mari

By GLISS  -  September 28th, 2022

Today we bring you the story of Mari:

Mari grew up in a single-parent household. Doing life alone is tough as it is, but there is an added weight on you when you have to support the lives of two kids as well. Mari's mom was always working. She would leave early in the morning, and return late at night, working double shifts every day just to make ends meet. This meant that her mom wasn't home often. They didn't have many family outings, but they did have clothes on their back and food on the table.

Mari could see the sadness that her mom felt when she missed her daughters' life events. Parties, games, and meetings were all missed. This took a toll on the whole family. During her High School years, her classmates were signing up for college, dreaming up their academic futures, and finding genuine excitement in what was to come. Mari realized that she would have a big choice to make when she graduated.

Does she go to school and set her future up with a degree, or does she get a job and help her mom with the financial burden? She knew the latter choice would help her mom quit her second job and give her the ability to be home with her kids. These years of their lives were important ones, and every event, game, and meeting that her mom had to miss was like a knife in her back.

Mari put her education on hold and set out to get a job. She wanted a future where her mom could be more present for her and her sister. Mari was in luck, because finding a job came easily to her. Although this wasn't the path that little-girl-Mari imagined, it was the one that felt RIGHT. It brought wholeness to her family. A job not only made her family feel put together again, but it brought her the chance at creating memories with the ones she loves, and that is priceless.

While telling her testimony, Mari left us with two great statements:

“You always have to do what’s right for YOU” and “some things in life just have to wait”.

We agree with both of those statements and we are extremely proud of you for creating the life that you have. The right choice isn’t always easy, but when you make it, it changes your world!

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