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Matias's Story

By GLISS  -  January 25th, 2023

Matias’s story starts with HOPE. He had dreamed of finding safety in being, living, and belonging. Life wasn’t easy for him. He recounts feeling depressed and always tight on his budget. Feeling like you’re just living to catch up weighs on you. 

When the pandemic hit, Matias was away from his true home, India, and this caused heartache for him. He knew that he enjoyed his new life, to some degree, but missing home is an often-unexplainable hurt. Through this time, he had countless hours of introspection and clung to the hope of the “better life” he was searching for. 

Matias had previously worked for us and decided getting back out into the workforce would help him get a step closer to his goals. He quickly jumped at any opportunity available and started to build up towards his own place. 

After diligent work, Matias is proud to say that he now has his own place to live, AND A CAR! Being mobile and having a place to call home brought him a renewed sense of HOPE and empowerment. After staying dedicated to achieving his dreams, he now knows that anything is possible! 

He left us with this piece of HOPE: “Remind yourself, there are always places to go”. 

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