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Tim's Story

By GLISS  -  February 1st, 2023

Tim has been through his fair share of ups and downs, though through every situation he knew there was a lesson to be learned. Years ago, when he was incarcerated, Tim knew that getting out of jail was going to be a turning point for him. He used his time in jail to plan his new life path – one that led to success and freedom instead of destruction and despair. 

Once Tim got out, he was faced with a whole new set of trials and tribulations. From struggling to pay rent, to not knowing where the next meal was going to come from, Tim took every day in stride. Some days the weight of the struggle overwhelmed him and kept Tim from doing much more than just stay alive. Despite just barely getting by at times, he held his head high and trusted that every step was part of the bigger plan in store for him. 

One day, Tim opened his front door to an info hanger that said, “NOW HIRING”. This was a glimpse of hope and motivation to get out there and find a job. Tim set out that day to see what opportunities were being advertised. To his surprise, he was met with a plethora of available positions, all over the city. Something shifted and it seemed the tables had turned for him, Tim was able to begin truly living life and was no longer simply surviving. 

Fast forward to today, Tim has found independence in a life he is proud of which he credits to never give up HOPE. When we asked how he got through this part of his life he said, “Don’t dwell on the past – keep it moving forward”. 


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