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    • Look for the silver linings in situations and people
    • Make time to laugh and celebrate
    • Give back to others
    • Perform acts of kindness and appreciation
    • Withhold judgement
    • Bring positive energy
    • Empower others
    • Be self-motivated
    • Own your mistakes
    • Communicate candidly with care
    • Make time to relate to others
    • Be transparent
    • Push yourself to learn new things
    • Step up to resolve issues
    • Be resilient
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"We will be the Staffing Agency that people WANT to do business with, by providing exceptional service and consistent follow through." We strive to be BETTER than what our customers and employees expect from a staffing partner. Contact us today to find out how we can help you! So you may be asking yourself what makes General Labor & Industrial Staffing Services different from any other staffing company. It is our people! We make the difference! We take GREAT pride in our ability to get the job done right with extreme passion and tenacity.

We have excellent service skills and rely on clear communication with our customers and employees to reach a desired goal. We ask ourselves on a daily basis "Would I want to do business with General Labor & Industrial Staffing Services," and the honest answer is YES!

We reach this answer by knowing our day is only as good as our customer's day. We do our job with honesty, passion, efficiency, and respect. Our customer's don't need contracts to do business with us... They WANT to do business with us!

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